DnD Character Request

Please fill out the attached form to submit a request

Digital Portrait Commissions $30

Proposal must contain:

Headshot of subject

Optional requests as to design details

Portrait size will be 2048 X 2048 pixels unless otherwise requested (for additional fee)

Point of View 

Proposal must contain:

clear picture of space or multiple shots from different angles/ panorama

size requirements (9 x 12 is my standard size)

Media requirements (what materials are requested)

Other Commission Requests

Proposal must contain:

Description of requested work

Applicable references

Media requirements (what materials are requested)

*please peruse the Example Commission Agreement Form

Commission Proposal Forn

Commission Agreement Form Example

Commission agreement.pdf

Commission FAQ

Consultations: $40/hour

Proposals must be submitted by email including details of the required work and files of all reference materials.

Artist will communicate whether the proposal has been approved, denied, or waitlisted. In the event of a waitlist the Commissioning Agent will be notified and the artist will re-consult with the Commissioning agent before moving forward with the work.

Artist and Commissioning Agent will consult (in person or via zoom) to go over any contracts and establish details.

Contract must be signed before the beginning of the work and at each stage of completion if relevant.

Final payment must be received before shipment or email in the case of digital designs.